Celebrating our first year of trading

Ben Paul
June 1, 2021

Many people won’t want to look back at 2020 and we fully understand why. It was a very tough year and not the easiest climate in which to set up a brand new BD & Marketing Consultancy. However, it was our first year of trading, therefore our Director and Founder Ben Paul took this opportunity to look back over our first year.

In this article “A new business started in lockdown – one year on.” Ben shares his experience establishing The BD Ladder, in a very difficult business and economic environment. Ben is delighted to be have shared his founding story, as he hopes it will help others in similar situations. After all, many of the best lessons we learn in business are from others sharing their experiences, warts and all.

The article follows on from one Ben also published on LinkedIn, “Embarking on a new venture in Lockdown”, which shared his initial vision and excitement when launching our business. It’s interesting to compare our hopes with the reality of what happened in our first year.

One thing for sure is that it has been a fantastic first year for Ben and The BD Ladder team. Thanks to being able to work with some exceptional clients with strong desires to improve their BD and marketing efforts, our business has grown. Ben commented, “It’s been an amazing first year, which has far exceeded my initial expectations. I’m delighted that we now have both Elizabeth Petersen and Rob Keating on board. If the team and myself continue to build on this strong start, the future looks very bright for The BD Ladder.”

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