Marketing for Professional Services

Stand Out From The Crowd

For anybody responsible for delivering the marketing for professional services firms, it is a very crowded market to be in. Increasingly, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, in fact sometimes it is hard to even be noticed. This is why you need a strong professional services brand and an effective personal branding strategy for your key people.

This, in a nutshell, is what effective branding and brand promotion and elevation is all about. It is a cornerstone of marketing professional services. Through concerted marketing efforts, be they offline or digital, we can help you or your firm to start to build its recognition; a key foundation in building your brand.

The Power of Branding

Of course, branding is much more than a logo and being recognised, it is about being recognised for the right things. What do your intended clients think of when they think of you? What do you want your clients to think of when they think of you? Two fundamental questions which are ultimately about the same thing, knowing and understanding the clear messages you want to promote through your marketing efforts. In essence, you need to understand your Unique Selling Points (USPs).

The market you are targeting, more often than not, struggles to tell you apart from your competitors. To many outside your industry, one law firm looks much like another, one accountancy firm in the CBD looks identical to the one down the road, one engineering consultancy looks the same as all the others. With so many similar services and areas of expertise, finding a true differentiator is almost impossible, particularly if you’re focusing on expertise. However, looking at your key pillars of expertise, your experience and the sectors you work in, we can help you understand your pillars of strength and what you can coherently promote to the market place.

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Marketing plans for professional services firms

We’ll analyse your marketing mix, your website, seminars you run and where you advertise both in print and digitally. We’ll work with the senior leadership in your firm, your marketing team (if you have one) and any agencies you currently employ, to provide you with a clear path and practical steps to start elevating your brand in your market place.

Content Marketing

Our team are widely published in many leading professional services focused online and print magazines. The BD Ladder has it’s own copywriter Rob Keating, who is able to help you define your content marketing brief and then either create or edit your content, so that it creates a positive impact with your target market.

For all professionals, personal branding is becoming more and more important. People buy from people, particularly anyone who offers a service. This is why as this article in Forbes demonstrates, Personal Branding has become so important to do well.

Thought Leadership

  • Articles / Magazines written
  • Your experts interviewed and articles created
  • Thought Leadership to position your expertise and capability

Long Form / Blog Content

  • Agree a schedule of content to be created.
  • Agree an external agencies list to publish content on.
  • Full content creation or editing/review options

LinkedIn / Social Media content creation and management

  • We’ll agree a content plan and schedule for 3, 6 or even 12 months
  • We can then either empower you to post your company posts or we can manage that for you

Personal Branding - LinkedIn and Social Media

  • We’ll update your profiles. (Tips on this here)
  • Give you a programme of posts and content to share.
  • Find the right groups for you to join.

Personal Branding - Content Marketing

  • Agree a schedule of content to be created. Co-authoring and content creation options available.
  • Agree an external agencies list to publish content on.
  • Help you get your content published.

Personal Branding - Social Selling/Networking

  • We’ll coach you on how to effectively employ social networking (more on that here).

Personal Branding - Seminars & speaking

  • Agree where to speak.
  • Help you get on the speaking circuit.
  • Improve your presentations.