Business Development Growth Strategy

Planning for business development growth

No-one understands your business better than you do. No doubt you’ll have a strong and robust business plan in place. However, as your business grows, the market changes and new competitors and threats emerge, you will need new strategies in place. You will need to develop a business development strategy that grows your market share, and with it, your profits.

Depending on where you and your firm are in your Business Development & Marketing cycle, we have a range of tools. These include consultancy services and workshops focused on developing your plan. From this, we’ll produce the strategy which will ignite your business growth.

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Business Development & Marketing Health Checks

Through one to one meeting and workshops with the senior management teams/owners, we will run a check of your current sales and marketing plans, and then provide you with a simple report highlighting your firm’s/organisation’s current strengths, weaknesses and importantly, where your opportunities for improvement lie. The report will provide clear and practical recommendations as to what you need to do.

Key Client Programme

A simple, proven 7 step programme to either establish or restart your key client programmes. We will work with your teams to establish and drive your key client initiatives, with clear objectives and reporting. The main focus of our approach is to help your client teams all understand their roles, and give a clear direction and roadmap to follow in communicating with your client. We’ll work with the financial and reporting systems you currently have in place as a business to establish a dashboard reporting system that works for you and the key client teams. One of the best ways to ensure that you make progress is to track it.

Business Development Growth Strategy service

A simple 4 step approach, aimed at helping you effectively promote your existing services and professionals.

Ambitions and Current Status

Understanding your firm’s/organisation’s current sales and marketing approach, and future growth plans.

Leadership Engagement

Working with the owners/senior leadership team to create a winning strategy across:

  • Marketing channels
  • Sales processes
  • Sales skills

Business Development Analysis

Running an analysis to see what resources and skills are missing/lacking.

Business Development Delivery

We will agree with you what’s needed to put your new plans into place. This will include:

  • Agreed reporting metrics and dashboards
  • BD / Sales activities programme.

The Business Development Growth Strategy. A practical and actionable report.

Following the completion of the above, your firm will be provided with a detailed report which will include your agreed growth strategy.

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