BD & Marketing Director on Call

Expertise you can call on

Many boutique professional services firms or SMEs looking to grow need an experienced BD & Marketing Director. This expertise, on a full-time basis, can be expensive. While they may not yet be able to hire a full-time BD & Marketing Director, they still need one.

To overcome this, firms in the growth phase tend to do the following. They either allocate an existing resource to look after their marketing strategies, this is likely to be a professional in a completely different discipline such as the office or general manager, or one of the team, who has been ‘naturally’ proficient in winning work. Or they hire a marketing professional in the early stages of their career. This approach is understandable. However, it puts a great deal of pressure on that individual. After all, they have no experience of having delivered these services before.

The BD Ladder’s ‘BD & Marketing Director on call’ service provides you with a solution to this problem. It provides you with regular access to an experienced senior resource. Someone who will create, oversee and deliver a clear and actionable BD & Marketing plan. The organisation benefits by having this expertise they can call on, without the burden of having to commit to a salaried employee. 

BD & Marketing Director on call services

Deliverable marketing plan

We'll work with you to understand your target market, and will deliver a simple and actionable marketing plan focused on agreed outcomes.

Business development plans

Proven plans based on your organisational and individual objectives, to drive tangible results. We'll put the plans in place and help you action them.

Review of your collateral

We'll give you an honest opinion of what you currently have, how to improve it, or in fact, if you actually need it. Put simply, if a client wouldn't enjoy reading it, we'll recommend that you bin it!

Mentoring and guidance

Creating BD & Marketing plans is, in many ways, the easy part. We'll work with your identified stakeholders and provide the required support for them to put the agreed plans in place.

Marketing and sales campaigns

Agreed campaigns, tailored to your budgets and aimed specifically at your agreed target audiences.

Opportunities pipeline tracker

No expensive CRMs required here. We'll agree with you what you need to track, and the best ways you can do it, either affordably or with what you currently have.

We have a range of options and pricing designed to meet the needs of your growing business, starting from 2 days per month on a pay as you go basis, up to longer term time-based commitments.

Services and deliverables will be agreed up-front, and will, of course, be tailored to your firm’s or organisation’s unique requirements.

Contact us today find out more about our BD & Marketing Director on Call service.

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