BD Coaching for Professional Services

BD Coaching that builds confidence and gets results.


Most professionals, whether they are accountants, lawyers, engineers, or architects, did not get into their chosen careers because they wanted to become salespeople. However, to be successful, many now find that they need to effectively build relationships and bring in work. To help them achieve that, we have developed a specialised BD coaching programme, tailored to every firm and individual we work with.

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Who needs BD coaching?

In the world of consultancy, the short answer is that everyone needs to develop client relationships. However, it is those individual lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc., in senior manager roles and above who need a BD plan, and typically coaching and/or guidance to help them follow it.

The roles that typically need our BD coaching services are:

BD Coaching session BD Coaching for Professional Services BD Coaching for Lawyers

♦ Partners, Directors, Business Owners

♦ Rising Stars – Senior Associates, Senior Managers

♦ BD and Marketing professionals 


Why BD Coaching?

While effective, Business Development training for lawyers, accountants, engineers and within all professional services firms, does not in isolation, provide long-lasting results. Training in itself does not lead to a change in firm culture, or individual behaviours.

Highly competitive markets have increased the need for lawyers/accountants/engineers/BD professionals, and the majority of senior fee-earners, to become more effective at business development. Business development coaching is now widely accepted as best practice when it comes to creating a client-centric culture and in enabling individuals to develop and action client relationship-building skills.

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The BD Coaching Package for Professional Services

The 6-month programme:

  • A 45-minute – 1-hour kick-off session, face-to-face or as a virtual meeting
  • A BD Action Plan created in month one.
  • Two 30-minute sessions per month and two quick (up to 15 minutes) phone calls, per month.
  • 3-month progress check-in, where BD Plan is updated.
  • In the final month, a 45-minute- 1-hour close-out session takes place.
  • BD Client Action Plan updated and finalised for ongoing use.

Additional benefits/options.

During the coaching period, your BD coach is also available for ad-hoc calls and emails.

The above 6-month programme is an example of our typical BD Coaching engagements. These can of course be fully tailored to your needs/time commitments.

You can see an example of a BD client action plan similar to one used in the program, here.

Through our BD coaching, you will learn how to:

  • Create a personalised business development
  • Identify which areas of BD are most effective for you.
  • Create a regular and time-efficient BD discipline.
  • Understand your target market.
  • Develop and refine your Value Proposition.
  • Develop and enhance your personal brand.
  • Generate revenue from existing clients/contacts/referrers and new clients.
  • Identify speaking/webinar/content marketing opportunities as appropriate.
  • Have purpose-led client meetings.
  • Ensure your meetings lead to actions and second meetings.
  • Develop an active referral programme.

Delivery Methods:

BD Coaching for Professional Services Delivery Methods. BD Coaching options for busy professionals

Your BD Coaches:

Ben Paul

Ben Paul - BD Coach. CEO - The BD LaderBen has over 20 years of experience in providing sales and marketing advice. He enjoys working with senior lawyers, accountants, engineers, and other professional services practitioners to build their confidence and provide them with the tools to build a sustainable practice.

Ben has a pragmatic and empathetic approach and believes that BD coaching should not only produce results, but should also be fun. More about Ben.

Elizabeth Petersen

Elizabeth's Profile PictureElizabeth has worked with leading law firms for over 20 years. If you want practical and experienced BD coaching that delivers, then Elizabeth is perfect for you.

She has a strong emphasis on winning messages and getting the basics right to enable her mentees to progress with confidence. More about Elizabeth.


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