The November 2022 BD Round-Up

Elizabeth Petersen
December 19, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Seasons greetings and welcome to the November 2022 BD Round-Up, the final one published this year! Of course, Ben will wrap the year’s articles up in early January when he does the December BD Round-Up. 

While in the process of curating this month’s BD Round-Up I am limping (figuratively) towards the end of the year.  How about you? 

In between a busy stretch of client work, I have managed to find some great articles for you to read over the holiday break. The articles cover a wide range of interesting topics, including integrating live streams into your marketing strategy, writing tender answers, addressing why lawyers are not great at selling, integrating account-based marketing strategies in law firms and a recap on strategy. 

The November 2022 BD Round-Up

5 ways to integrate social live streams into your marketing strategy – Agility PR Solutions by Victor Blasko 

Victor suggests that live streaming is becoming extremely popular and savvy marketers are taking note.  He also asserts that integrating the right social live streams into your marketing strategy can assist with engagement and leads.  Remember that before you start, you should have a plan and a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  

Writing tender answers ( by Amy Burton-Bradley 

Amy always provides pearls of wisdom and practical tips and insights in her reader-friendly articles.  My key takeaways from this article include do not assume that the reader will know anything about your organization, always answer the question(s), tailor your responses, be succinct and add interest to your content throughout the writing process.   

Remember that tender writing, like any writing process, needs to be persuasive and compelling and will require multiple drafts and reviews (at least three rounds). 

Finally, responses should be client-centric. It is not all about you. 

Why Don’t Lawyers Sell Better? | LinkedIn by Eric Dewey 

This article raises some excellent points and I have thought about authoring a similar article entitled “Technically brilliant but can’t convert.”  

If you are interested in reading further about buyer-aligned selling for legal services, then this is the article for you.  

Implementing Account-Based Marketing Strategies at Your Law Firm (And How Nexl Can Help) – Nexl by Kristen Oldfield 

Authored by our friends at NEXL, this blog post outlines all you need to know about account-based marketing, implementation and the enduring benefits.  Some of the benefits include standing out from the competition, delivering consistent client experience, and keeping everyone in your firm aligned.  Read the article to learn more about the additional benefits.  

What Is Strategy, Again? ( by Andrea Ovans 

This is a great article which I have read a couple of times and it sparks thinking from a professional and personal perspective. In 2023, will you: 

  • Do something new? 
  • Build on what you already do? 
  • React opportunistically to emerging possibilities? 

The November 2022 BD Round-Up Conclusion 

We never fail to find examples of excellent articles that are thought-provoking and professionally written. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed the November 2022 BD Round-Up.

I look forward to what is in store for next year. It will be interesting to see what the marketing and business development trends will be and how professional services businesses adapt, evolve, and develop. 

I hope your holiday season is full of peace, joy and happiness and I wish you abundance in 2023.  Here’s our Seasons Greetings video and details of who we’ve donated to.

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