The September BD Round-Up Blog

Elizabeth Petersen
October 14, 2021
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

I am delighted to be back in the editor’s seat of the September BD Round-Up Blog. 

The articles compiled in the September BD Round-Up Blog include digital content marketing considerations in a post-pandemic world; sales tips; bid management insights: how to get the most out of a bid content library; as well as, two excellent reads relating to strategy and another which is relevant to most of our NSW, NZ and Vic readers who have endured in a lockdown state of mind.  Thankfully, there is now light at the end of the tunnel, but I am sure that there are some of you still feeling drained and there are some useful tips in the “How to keep working when you are just not feeling it” article. 

September BD Round-Up

3 effective content marketing shifts to make in the post-pandemic world – Agility PR Solutions by Wesley Cherisien

Content marketers need to be aware of the impact that the pandemic has had on their work and how to devise an effective content marketing strategy in a world post pandemic. 

This article delves into the three effective content marketing shifts that you should be planning to make. 

  1. Branching out to different content topics 
  1. Conduct surveys 
  1. Focus on trending topics 

Digital Content Strategy for Today’s Professional Services Firm | Hinge Marketing by Aaron Taylor

These are some of the questions posed in Aaron’s article: What is the right way to market your organisation?  Have you assessed whether traditional ways of marketing (eg sponsorships, events) still have a place in helping to build profile and raise brand awareness? 

Also, consider how digital content, which can take a wide range of guises, such as blog posts, online articles, webinars, educational videos, online tutorials, courses and podcasts can be included in your strategy. Content can be time-consuming to produce but once you have a manageable plan you are 50% there towards executing your strategy.  

The article also discusses the dip in referrals. Interestingly, referrals dropped 16% over a five year period.  Aaron suggests that the holy grail of business development is starting to lose its primacy as the business world evolves. 

How to get the most out of a bid content library – planning & decision tips | LinkedIn by Amy Burton-Bradley

Amy’s article provides an excellent summary on how to get the most out of a bid content library and I particularly liked the suggestions she outlined relating to the categories (including master templates and brand and identity assets) to be included in the library.  

Also, this is a great tip: “clearly flag new or improved material and make it easy for your team to access.  That means housekeeping for access then archive or delete superseded content.” 

Get your house in order and be bid ready! 

How to Excel at Both Strategy and Execution ( by Paul Leinwand and Joachim Rotering

Leaders who master both strategy and execution start by building a bold but executable strategy. Next, they ensure that the company is investing in the change. And last, they make sure the entire organization is motivated to go on the journey. 

How would you rate your success in combining strategy and execution? 

How to determine if your prospect was engaged By Dave Korlan 

Dave shares ten clues to ascertain if your prospect was engaged.  I highlight 5 that stand out for me: 

  • The prospect shared information freely 
  • There was little to no resistance 
  • The salesperson was able to uncover the prospect’s compelling reason to buy 
  • The prospect was receptive to alternate ideas, approaches, and solutions 
  • The prospect shared something personal, told a story, or confided to the salesperson 
  • There was mutual authenticity 
  • The prospect viewed the salesperson as a trusted advisor 
  • The salesperson received compliments on the questions, discussion or meeting that was led 
  • The salesperson and prospect legitimately enjoyed their time together 
  • The prospect indicated his/her desire to work together 

How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills ( by Nina A. Bowman

Leadership = the marketer, salesperson and change agent simultaneously. 

Showing strategic thinking skills demonstrates that you can think for yourself and make decisions that position the organization for the future. It assures the leaders in your organisation that you are not making decisions in a vacuum but are considering how other departments might be affected or how the outside world will respond. 

Leaders spend time, money, energy, and intention as well as purpose building up their knowledge, skills, abilities, work, and life experience as well as education. 

How to Keep Working When You’re Just Not Feeling It ( by Ayelet Fishbach

I laughed aloud when this article came up on my LinkedIn feed. I could not wait to read it!   

As flagged in the introduction as most of our audience has endured months of lockdown, it is highly relevant. 

Micro-blocking tasks works for me…and small rewards along the way!  What has worked for you? 

September BD Round-Up Conclusion 

I am sure you will agree that there is a plentiful amount of commentary, tips and insights showcased in these articles. As a place to get great practical BD & marketing advice for professional services, the September BD round-up blog has certainly delivered. 

With three months remaining in this year, how are you tracking with your BD and marketing plans – what is your “roadmap” once you leave lockdown so that you can end the year on a high note and be positioned strongly to gallop into 2022? 

Finally, enjoy your newfound freedoms as you come out of lockdown.  My first stop will be at the hairdresser! 

Thanks for reading the September BD Round-Up. Ben will be back next month with his selection, to help fire up your BD and marketing efforts as we head into 2021’s final furlong.  

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