The October 2022 BD Round-Up

Ben Paul
November 28, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to the October 2022 BD Round-Up. There was a huge amount of great content written last month, and it took me a while to sift through it all and whittle it down to a top-list of 8 great articles.

My October 2022 BD Round-up takes in topics as varied as personal branding, the best cold-calling techniques, predictions for 2023, and even how to sell effectively in a downturn.

Anyway, that’s enough of an introduction from me, there’s 8 articles here that I’ve summarized for you. So here it is, the October 2022 BD Round-Up!

The October 2022 BD Round-Up

5 Predictions For B2B CMOs To Win In 2023 by John Ellett

Many firms are currently planning next year’s marketing budgets. With a recession underway and predictions varying about the depth and impact of it, it pays to see what the experts are predicting. This short article by John Ellett, lays down 5 key predictions that will help inform your decisions for next year.

Partners have brands too by Ian Stephens, Principia

Many professional services practitioners don’t necessarily crave the spotlight, although admittedly, some do. However, most now recognise the need for a strong personal brand and a consistency of activity on social media. For those looking to start their personal branding journey or relaunch their current brand, this article gives you what you need.

Why Collaboration Eats Cross-Selling For Breakfast, by Sue-Ella Prodonovich

As a theory cross-selling makes absolute sense. Yet, when put into practice in most professional services firms, it is an abject failure. Sue-Ella, is right to focus on collaboration instead. Most firms don’t have a strong collaboration culture. A focus on this can lead to some big BD pay-offs as well as other organisational benefits.

3 Best Cold Calling Scripts and Tips, by Erica Schultz Chief Marketing Officer, RAIN Group

Everyone’s favourite activity – a cold call! While many professional services practitioners don’t have to make many cold calls, even warm introductions or calls following up referrals benefit from having a clear structure. This article gives 3 simple and effective scripts that can have a powerful impact.

7 B2B Marketing Traits of Successful Professional Service Firms by Helen Cox

These 7 tips are the cornerstone of any successful Professional Services firm’s marketing strategy. A great reminder for those that need it.

10 Online Lead Generation Techniques for Professional Services by Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner, Hinge

Firms are investing more than ever in their digital presence, so it makes sense that they would want to see an increase in leads, as opposed to simply strengthening their brand presence. This is an excellent article as always from Lee and the Hinge team.

Three Networking Success Strategies After Attending a Webinar or Work Conference Stefanie Marrone, The Social Media Butterfly

I always preach that if you don’t follow-up post networking event, then in my eyes, you didn’t actually attend! From a BD perspective, following up is the most important part. Therefore, the 3 tips in this email are essential to read and put into practice.

How sellers can close deals in an economic downturn by Korn Ferry

I’m not actually sure when this was originally published. However, in the current economic conditions it is highly relevant, hence why I decided to include it.

The October 2022 BD-Round up Conclusion

That is certainly more than enough content for anyone to get through. The October 2022 BD Round-up will certainly have given you a raft of new ideas for now, and also for your future planning.

Next month Elizabeth Petersen will be bringing you her collection in our penultimate BD Round-Up of articles written in 2022.

If you’d like to see us change the format or do something different next year, I’d love to hear your ideas. Mine and the team’s contact details are here.