November 2020 BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-up

Ben Paul
December 7, 2020
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

This will be the last round-up of BD, Sales and Marketing insights that we publish in 2020. Of course, in January 2021, we’ll be looking back at December 2020 articles. It’s been quite a year, and a great deal of the articles we’ve featured have all looked at how to do BD in the so-called ‘new normal’. That’s why we also produced a special round-up of the best BD and marketing insights for the new normal.

November, once again, saw a great deal of highly informative and useful content being produced. In fact, as the year is almost at a close, it felt like we had even more great content to choose from than normal. So, without any further words from me, I’ll let the articles speak for themselves.

November’s round-up

How do high-growth businesses do marketing differently? By Kerrie Malone, The Marketing Pod.

Straight away an article focusing on the ‘new normal’ and how marketers have had to pivot their delivery mechanisms to reach their intended B2B audiences. Utilising the excellent research from Hinge, McKinsey and others, the article focuses on the three key areas you need to focus on to reach and engage with your audience.

Top tips for getting professionals to engage in business development By Claire Rason, Client Talk

This is aimed at lawyers, but it absolutely applies across all Professional Services firms. I couldn’t agree more that it is vital for any BD coach, or those looking to build a BD culture within their firm, to understand the barriers to it being adopted. Of course, it is also vital to make sure that BD is something that matters and is rewarded. Five simple steps, that are essential to follow.

Does your Practice Group have a Pricing Strategy? By Colin Jasper.

Colin is an expert in pricing strategies, and this article is less about the strategy and more about firm implementation. It may sound simple, but I doubt if you’re in a professional services firm and you’re reading this, that you have this strategy in place. It really is vital that you have a structured and coherent approach to pricing across your firm and your practice groups. If you don’t, a great starting point is to read this article.

Why Your Content Strategy Is Failing + What Can You Do About It By Angelina Harper, Makilla

Now is absolutely the ideal time to start thinking about next year’s content marketing plan. This stunning article talks about your content as well as what you should be measuring and focusing on. If you want to get better results from next year’s content marketing, follow Angelina’s excellent advice.

Access Denied: How to Reclaim Your LinkedIn Profile When You Can’t Access Your Account By Stefanie Marrone, The Social Media Butterfly

It’s okay I won’t tell anyone….hands-up if you can’t access your LinkedIn account? If you have lost access it can be a bit of nightmare. Therefore, read this article, follow the steps in it and take back control of your all-important LinkedIn account.

Lessons from young professionals: This year everyone had to adapt and evolve — especially those just launching their careers By Joe Giwa and Jack Goldsborough – Associates, Cushman & Wakefield

Okay this one isn’t strictly about BD, but I liked it so much it snuck in. It’s been a very unique year so any advice that can help B2B professionals is greatly received. Lots of the advice in this article, like “Listen more” absolutely does apply to BD. It’s a great read and I hope it helps those who read it.


So that’s the wrap for November. Once again lots of practical advice, from lots of different experts. I’m sure at least one of these six articles will be very helpful to you, if not all of them.

If you’re looking for more B2B BD, sales and marketing insights, you’ll find them on our Insights page.

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