The May 2022 BD Round-Up

Elizabeth Petersen
June 22, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to the May 2022 BD Round-Up. 

The content in the BD Round-Up is curated to give you a snapshot of the articles that we have discovered and found to be useful, thought-provoking and insightful. 

In the May 2022 BD Round-Up, I cover collaborative value creation between sellers and buyers, executive summary writing, email copywriting tips, insights from CMOs around simplicity and hacks for delivering engaging pitches and presentations. 


The May 2022 BD Round-Up

Stop Selling. Start Collaborating. ( by Christoph Senn 

In this article, the author details the key components of the triple fit canvas* (see para below) and describes how companies such as BMW, Konica Minolta and GAP have benefited from it.  There is plenty to consider in how you would apply the triple fit canvas in a professional services context. 

*The triple fit canvas is a sales framework designed to facilitate collaborative value creation between sellers and buyers. 

How to write a winning executive summary for tenders, bids & proposals – Julian Midwinter & Associates Pty Ltd By Amy Burton Bradley 

When do you write your executive summary, at the beginning or at the end of the bid writing process? 

Amy notes that there are two schools of thought on when it is best to prepare your executive summary either from the outset of the bid or right at the end.  “Often it isn’t until that last week that offers and solutions formulated and designed have crystalised and thus more easily distilled into concise ‘mentions’.” 

4 email copywriting tips your recipients will love – Agility PR Solutions by Téa Liarokapi 

This article outlines how to use email copywriting that will stand out through both your email’s subject line and your body copy.  Read on to learn more about how email copywriting differs from traditional copywriting. 

Food for thought: How CMOs are achieving simplicity – CMO Australia by Nadia Cameron 

Complexity often rules the roost – whether it be through digital, data, processes, language used, organisational silos, brand vision, company goals or purpose.  This article outlines various points of view from a cross-section of CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers). 

Tips for delivering engaging pitches & presentations – Agility PR Solutions by James Daniels 

If you are currently preparing for an important and influential presentation and are looking for helpful hints and tips to improve your presentation style, this is the article for you. 

I have some presentations coming up, so I will be absorbing the hints and tips in this article. 

Conclusion – The May 2022 BD Round-up

Well, that is a wrap for this month.  I hope you find the articles in the May 2022 BD Round-up thought-provoking and that you absorb the tips and tricks it contains.

Ben will be back with next month’s Round-Up covering June. 

Until the next BD Round-Up, stay on brand! 

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