The March BD Round-Up

Ben Paul
April 9, 2021
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

The March BD Round-Up has a real focus on two things. Firstly, digital and online, marketing, BD, and sales activities. Secondly, the need in the current market, more than ever, to be able to adapt and meet emerging business challenges head on.

As always, we focus on articles that give practical advice and the March BD Round-Up delivers this in spades.  Whether it’s making the most out of your existing content, leveraging LinkedIn more effectively, or even using the Trust Equation to help you generate B2B leads, there’s plenty to read, digest and then put into action.

Therefore, with-out any further introduction from me, welcome to the March BD Round-Up!

Can one post really convert LinkedIn sceptics? by Simon Marshall, Founder, TBD Marketing Ltd

The answer is, of course, when done correctly, it absolutely can. However, the process of getting a LinkedIn sceptic to the point of posting the type of post that gets the most engagement, is the key part. Simon explains this eloquently and brilliantly here. While he’s focusing on lawyers, this really does apply to all professional services across the board.

Lead Generation for Small Businesses in 2021 Using The Trust Equation by Josh Turner, Founder/CEO at Connect 365

I’m drawn to anything that uses David Maister’s excellent Trust Equation. In this article Josh Turner perfectly describes why many Lead Gen activities aren’t working, when he says:

“Customers are being bombarded with messaging from the competition all promising them something great and vowing to do it better, bigger and faster. And, it’s relentless. If you don’t respond one day, you’ll receive a message the next day.”

The fix – using the Trust Equation, tailoring each method and demonstrating that you are interested in the other person. In short, alongside establishing your credibility, make sure you personalise every approach.

6 Ways to Give Your Blog Posts a Second Wave of Traffic by Susanna Gebauer, Founder/CEO exploreB2B

This is gold-dust. Many of us have old material which either never really took-off when first published, or is still highly relevant and needs to be repromoted. The good news is with some careful thought and a modicum of effort, you can follow the tips in this article to breathe new life into your old content. Surely a smart return on your marketing time investment.

How my content-rich website is bringing in more business, By Sonja Jefferson, Content coach and advisor at Valuable Content

This is a great case study on how a content-rich website can really help to drive more traffic, but more importantly, more engagement with your website. Leveraging great educational and interesting content can help visitors to stay on your site and ultimately lead them into making contact with you.

When Will The Legal Industry Become Customer-Centric? By Mark A. Cohen, CEO at Legal Mosaic

This is a brilliant article which focuses on many of the challenges law firms, and in fact other professional services firms, are facing. The speed of change in technology, the demands of clients are changing rapidly, and new competitors are emerging.  The successful firms will be the ones who address the changing needs of the market, and also learn from their mistakes. A great read.

The March BD Round-Up Conclusion

To get ahead, now more than ever you need to have effective BD and marketing plans for the digital age. Your firm and you also need to be adaptable to changing markets, and the changing demands of your clients. The advice in the articles above will help you to achieve this.

The articles above all focus on helping you understand your clients better and also help you find practical ways to get your messages across to them. That’s the main reason behind these round-ups and the March BD Round-up in particular. If you need additional help on finding out how to get meetings with clients then there’s heaps of practical advice from 8 experts in our eBook on How to get meetings with your clients and prospects.

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