The June 2022 BD Round-Up

Ben Paul
July 21, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

The June 2022 BD Round-Up has landed. And as usual, we cover a huge range of topics across the Business Development, marketing and sales spectrum. This month we have a focus on being specific and relevant in your RFP responses, a look at how to do mentoring well, and why you need sales coaching and a clear marketing plan.

The June 2022 BD round-up features seven articles packed full of practical and actionable advice.

The June 2022 BD Round-Up

How to create value add services for tenders, bids & proposals, Amy Burton-Bradley, Julian Midwinter & Associates

Pretty much every RFP asks for additional ‘Value-adds’. Many of the answers provided on this are generic and, in many cases, don’t help the respondent to differentiate themselves. Yet, this section of your response is usually a great place to gain additional points from the RFP scoring panel. Therefore, read Amy’s excellent advice in this article, and apply it in all future responses.

Brand Values Impact Consumer Preference In New IBM Study, Jeff Fromm, Forbes

Many professional services firms are wary of taking a stance or holding a strong opinion in their content marketing material. However, the latest study from IBM shows that customers expect to see vendors and suppliers taking more of a stance. While this may not be appropriate in all cases, it certainly is true that law firms, accountancy practices, engineering firms and all professional services practitioners need to demonstrate good sustainability practices alongside other key areas.

Why Sales Coaching Matters, Andy Springer, Rain Group

The research here is focused on sales-led organisations. However, it absolutely also applies to professional services operatives. Not only do the elite performing sales teams benefit from regular coaching, they also use their sales time more efficiently. Which, when you charge for your services by the hour, is critical. The more time efficient you are with your BD, the better.

Why Professional Service Firms Should Consider Circle Of Seven Mentoring Networks, Randy Shattuck, The Shattuck Group

This is brilliant. It’s a great structure for mentorship. Rather than hoping that your employees line manager (usually a department head) has the time to mentor their staff, teams of mentors that potential mentees can choose from, will naturally have better results. If you’re keen on having more engaged staff, read this excellent article.

Why a marketing plan can be a life saver for your accounting or law firm. Helen Cox, Helen Cox Marketing

It’s amazing how many firms don’t have a clear and actionable marketing plan. Without one, you’re basically spending time and money on the next bright idea or following the whims of who shouts loudest. This article explains clearly why you need a marketing plan. Put simply, they are essential.

Marketing to C-Suite Executive Leadership, Lee Frederiksen, PH.D., Hinge Marketing

The race to the engage the C-Suite is most definitely on. Many professional services practitioners need to gain the attention of, and have the buy-in from, their target client’s decision makers. Yet, many approach this in a clunky or poorly thought-out way. The 5 tips in this article will help put you on a better path.

5 simplified RFP response examples that will help you nail it, Konnor Martin, RFPIO

This is superbly written, and really does simplify how you should respond to RFP questions. And best of all – it gives specific examples.

Conclusion – The June 2022 BD Round-up

Thanks for reading this month’s round-up. The advice should help you to engage the C-Suite, write better proposal responses, create a marketing plan and understand the need for BD or sales coaching. That’s some really helpful advice, which makes me confident that you will have enjoyed the June 2022 BD Round-up.

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