July BD Round-Up

Elizabeth Petersen
August 3, 2021
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to the July BD Round-Up. 

Ben has handed the BD Round-Up reins back to me this month.  

This month’s BD Round-Up includes articles that span social media and setting up the marketing funnel, innovative pricing models, events post COVID – with hybrid leading the way and some valuable lessons on leadership.  

As I have been in lockdown in Sydney for 5+ weeks, I thought it was appropriate to include an article outlining simple ways to stay grounded in stressful situations. 

Happy reading the July BD Round-Up! 

The July BD Round-Up 2021

6 important marketing theories—and how to apply them in social media campaigns – Agility PR Solutions by Sam Molony, digital marketing specialist, Mailshake 

About half of marketers find it hard to develop successful social marketing strategies. Why? That’s probably because of a lack of understanding of core marketing theories. 

This article sets out 6 marketing theories and their applicability in social media campaigns. 

‘It’s about time’ – Lawyers Weekly by Sarah Behenna, freelance consultant 

This article is by former private practice lawyer Sarah Behenna. 

Sarah asserts that we know all too well that billing by time is structured for lawyers to charge clients, with absolutely no incentive for being productive. So, why persist with this model? 

The article goes on to say that innovative law firms across Australia are making the revolutionary shift towards non-time-based pricing. The momentum generated has the potential to be beneficial to the sector and to clients. 

The principles about business model innovation discussed in the article also have universal application. 

Your complete guide to setting up a social media marketing funnel – Agility PR Solutions by Nicholas Rubright, communications specialist, Writer

It is a given that your ideal consumer is somewhere on social media, waiting for you to find them. You want to reach out to this audience, engage with them, and persuade them to buy or test your service. 

This article guides you through the most successful methods for doing so by explaining how to create a social media funnel and showing you how to transform a cold lead into a red-hot advocate of your brand. 

Top post-COVID shifts of virtual and hybrid conventions, corporate events, trade shows and meetings – Agility PR Solutions by Laurne Weatherly, SVP of marketing, PGi. 

The key takeaway of this article: make sure that the content still takes precedence despite the delivery format.   

No one can predict the future with certainty, and we shouldn’t try. But the pros of planning hybrid events in the future far outweigh any cons. That seems like a safe prediction. 

The Science of Strong Business Writing (hbr.org) by Bill Birchard, consultant

Strong writing skills are essential for anyone in business. You need them to effectively communicate with colleagues, employees, and bosses and to sell any ideas, products, or services you’re offering. 

This article has some useful tips and tricks. 

Evaluation of the Leadership Group — by Alistair Marshall, Director, Professional Services Business Development

I am intrigued by leadership and enjoy reading, as well as contemplating articles and books on the subject matter.   

When it is done well, it is inspiring and motivating and when it is done badly, it is deflating, demotivating and demoralizing. 

This article and the exercise contained within will get you thinking about these key questions – Who is leading the way in your firm? Who is motivating people to do BD as it is crucial to success? 

A Simple Way to Stay Grounded in Stressful Moments (hbr.org) by Leigh Weiss, Co-Founder, Skylyte 

Perhaps you will relate to some of these undesirable outcomes: pitch rejected, business idea exposed as worthless or stuck in lockdown for 5 weeks, with another 4 weeks stretching ahead of you.  

This article suggests that once you learn to tune into your body, to use a brief minute to anchor by taking a few breaths and feeling your feet on the ground, you will calm down and became poised to have much better conversations.  

The article also contains some simple, effective anchoring practices that you can use. 

July BD Round-Up Conclusion 

That is a wrap on the July BD Round-Up.  

We hope that you find the articles that we collate for you each month to be of interest and thought provoking and that the tips and guidance easy to adopt and apply in your professional services roles.  

Stay tuned for the August BD Round-Up.