The July 2022 BD Round-Up

Elizabeth Petersen
August 28, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to the July 2022 BD Round-Up. 

In this month’s edition of the BD Round-Up we learn about an optimal business development team structure, effective presentation techniques, common errors found on a law firm website, explore why authenticity is the key to success and why we should observe and listen to quiet people in meetings. 


The July 2022 BD Round-Up

Why quiet people in meetings are incredible ( by Tim Denning

According to this article, quiet people in meetings are incredible and knowing when not to talk is an art! 

Of course, there are times when you will be asked to speak about a topic, interject or offer your opinion. The idea is to speak with as few words as possible and make your point. Then, once you’ve said what you need to say in the shortest amount of time possible, know when to zip it. 

Praise quietness, not hot air and noise – AMEN! 

Business Development Team Structure – Hinge Marketing by Lee Frederiksen 

Lee asserts that structuring a successful business development team is a challenge for many firms, especially as buyer behavior continues to evolve. In many cases, this requires a rethinking of the traditional Rainmaker Model. Contemporary business development is becoming more complex and requires a much broader skill set in order to thrive in today’s digital-driven marketplace. The Team Model outlined in this article gives most firms a much better way of structuring their business development team. 

How To Make A Good Presentation – 7 Tips From The Experts | Biteable 

There are some very useful tips in this article, and I would agree with starting with a strong opening and focusing on your audience’s needs.   Your presentation needs to be built around what your audience is going to get out of the presentation.  Show your passion and connect with your audience, tell anecdotes that are relatable. 

And of course, smile and make eye contact. 

News – Most common errors on the websites of law firms – The Impact Lawyers 

The seven key errors outlined in the article are noted as follows: 

+ Lack of goals and strategy 
+ Little differentiation 
+ Lack of creativity 
+ Excessive text 
+ Not thinking about SEO 
+ Not updating the website 
+ Websites not prepared for “responsive” 

Do any of these errors resonate with you/your firm? 
Finally, think of the website as the firm’s online presentation letter, which should be perfectly clear about what you do, who does it, how you do it and how to present your competitive advantages, always thinking of the client at the centre of everything you do. 

Why Authenticity Is The Key To Success – Core Confidence 

To stay relevant in an ever-changing world where we must navigate complexity and uncertainty daily, organisations are focusing on how to be more flexible, adaptive, innovative and collaborative. Diverse perspectives and opinions are now not only accepted but encouraged; the world is finally recognising the immense value different experiences and voices bring to decision-making tables. Now is the time to be clear and confident about what it means to be authentically you. 

The July 2022 BD Round-Up Conclusion 

I hope you find the articles thought-provoking and valuable. It was great fun bringing the July 2022 BD Round-up together.  Having recently been in presentation mode, it was great to read up on the tips for delivering engaging presentations! 

If you have read any great articles that you think we should cover in future editions of the Round-Up, please send them through as we would love to read and share them. The more great content we can share, the better it is for everyone.

Ben will be back with next month’s Round-Up covering August. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed and found the July 2022 BD Round-Up full of practical and useful BD tips.