July 2020 BD and Marketing insights round-up

Ben Paul
August 11, 2020
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to our third round-up of articles that focuses on July 2020 BD and Marketing insights, from around the world.  There’s a mix this month with a focus on a range of different topics covering BD, sales and marketing. What is consistent is that they all provide you with actionable tips you can use.

In July, lots of articles did indeed still focus on dealing with COVID and the economic fall-out from it.  There has also been an increasing focus on engaging with your existing clients during these tough times. It’s certainly a topic which has come out in our conversations. So below, as always, are the articles we thought were the best in July, in the world of BD and marketing.

How to Keep Closing B2B Deals During the Pandemic, by Jeff Winters, Harvard Business Review.

This is bang on the money. The starting point from McKinsey & Company that 50% of B2B buyers are holding off on purchasing, underlines how tough the current market is. The advice is practical and in line with what we’d recommend. More than ever, you’re going to have to ramp up your prospecting and build a bigger pipeline. Best of all, is the concept that you should pitch all deals like “you’re pitching to a CFO.”

In uncertain times, grow sales by selling certainty, by Mary Crampton, Magnify Consulting.

Evidence based selling has been around for a while. This article eloquently explains why now, more than ever, it is important. When budgets are very tight, buyers will only buy the things they need, or are certain will have positive impact in their business.

Will new partners have to keep grinding away? by Joel Barolsky, Barolsky Advisors.

While this is focused on law firms, it is highly relevant right now for anyone in professional services. Increasingly, partners are delivering more of the work that is there, which is responding to the economic conditions, the needs of clients and also how they are remunerated. Will this shift remain post COVID recession? Joel argues that it won’t, and it will! However, the key to success is to hire and invest in the best leaders.

How to Increase Revenue using Client Review Meetings by Alistair Marshall, Professional Services Business Development.

We 100% agree with this, 100%. An effective client review system, where the feedback is taken on board and actioned, is one of the best ways of winning new work and getting referrals. Yet still many firms neglect this. This article gives you a step by step walk through of how to run these meetings effectively

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Proposal Copy by Nick Wilbourn, Wilbourn Editing Services.

The heading, for tip 2, “Un-boilerplate your proposal,” is right up our alley. This article is packed with clear and easy to follow examples. The 4 tips in this article are simple yet powerful. This is a great resource to make your next bid more client centric. And a client centric bid is a winning bid.

Wrapping up the July 2020 BD and Marking insights round up.

That’s all from the July 2020 BD and Marketing insights round-up. You’ll find our previous round-ups on our insights page and you can of course subscribe to our mailing list in the footer or this page. 

If you need any help with your BD and marketing efforts then get in touch with us, we’d be delighted to have an initial chat with you and learn more about your business and how we can help you get new business in the ‘new normal’.

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