The January 2022 BD Round-Up

Ben Paul
February 9, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to the January 2022 BD Round-Up.

Wishing you a prosperous 2022 in the Year of the Water Tiger! For those of you not familiar with the Chinese zodiac, the water tiger embodies courage, bravery, and strength.  All characteristics that I think are highly relevant as we continue to forge our way ahead out of the COVID-19 storm. 

In the January 2022 BD Round-Up we cover client considerations, digital marketing strategy tips, CX predictions, networking, and coaching insights and a “how to” make small changes to enhance your workday. 

5 Things Your Clients Want From You Now – The BTI Consulting Group 

 As the title suggests, this article outlines the 5 things clients want from their lawyers.  The list includes: planning, early assessment, what other companies are doing, new and relevant ideas and ongoing meaningful personal communications.  These are well summarised and, in my experience, working in law firms – spot on!  

In summary, be available and make time to talk to your clients! 

6 tips for preparing your digital marketing strategy for 2022 – Agility PR Solutions by Sally Norton 

Even those who are seasoned plan developers will gain useful tips as this article sets out useful and timely reminders including: 

  • Set clear goals (your plan/strategy while including some aspirational elements, needs to be achievable); 
  • Reflect on what worked well and did not in 2021 and take those lessons into consideration when you are preparing your strategy for 2022; and 
  • Look externally.  What have your competitors done well and can you adopt a similar approach? 

12 CX predictions for 2022 – CMO Australia by Nadia Cameron 

Not surprisingly, the first prediction outlined in this article talks about an enhanced customer experience ongoing and meaningful personal communications).  See the connection with the first article. 

The article also outlines ethical experiences, artificial intelligence and mixed reality advancement and contract centre rethinks as some of the customer experience predictions in 2022. 

The Secrets of Successful Female Networkers ( 

 I recently posted this article on LinkedIn (which was originally published in 2019) which resonated with several people, so I am including it in the January Round-Up also. 

What do great female networkers do? 

  • They are efficient and focused 
  • They are fluid in how they make connections 
  • They collaborate across a siloed organisation 
  • They demonstrate both competency and warmth 

Reflecting on the above and in your experience, would you agree with these findings? 

How Great Coaches Ask, Listen, and Empathize ( by Ed Batista 

Many business development managers in professional services organisations take on the role of coaching fee earners.  This article is a useful reminder of the key elements of coaching, namely: asking, listening, and empathising.   

Importantly, you need to be able to connect with people and inspire them to do their best! 

News – 3 small changes you can make to improve your workday – The Impact Lawyers 

The final article sets out 3 small adjustments that you can make to improve your day, which include: kick off your day positively by practicing gratitude, plan your day but do not over-commit (e.g., write a to-do list but also include planned breaks!) and finally be curious, this could be by delving deeper into one of your clients and their industries. 

Conclusion – January 2022 BD Round-Up

I hope the content in the January 2022 BD Round-Up is both inspiring and thought-provoking and will bring a spring to your step as you navigate your way through the year. 

I will be taking on board the tips in the last article! 

Ben will be back next month with another packed round-up covering February.