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Many people have a good understanding of what Marketing is. However, they are less sure about what Business Development is. Business Development is often defined as the strategies that create long-term value. This value comes from your clients. Therefore, the articles below are aimed at growing your business.

We hope you enjoy our latest thinking. And we’re confident our articles will help make you think.  All of the Insights below are regularly updated.

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Stop Producing Capability Statements
I originally wrote an article on the need to stop producing capability statements, way back in 2016. That was four ...
The 12 steps to writing a winning bid. Proposal success made easy.
Writing RFP responses isn’t easy. Turning an adequate response into a winning bid, takes time, effort and a great deal ...
How to say no to an RFP
One of the biggest issues professionals face, is knowing how to say no to an RFP. It is all very ...
A focus on the best BD & Marketing advice
A look at the best BD & marketing advice from global experts.
How to write great contents, from a panel of experts
Content marketing, it is more than a buzz word, it is one of the foundations of social selling and personal ...
Writing a new blog or article
One of the big buzz words right now is content marketing. If you want people to engage with your business ...
5 reasons to ditch your slide deck, to win more work
After months of trying, you’ve finally secured that all important first meeting. Now is the time to ditch your slide ...
BD & Marketing - a global focus
Welcome to our first round-up of great articles from across the globe that provide in-depth insights into the world of BD and Marketing. The articles we select will always be packed full of practical and actionable advice.
How to win with your rfp responses
Best practice in developing a high win rate in your RFP responses, requires that you have a robust bid/no bid ...
Professional business women in despair having made a mistake - 5 common mistakes to avoid when submitting an RFP response.
Many professional services firms and other organisations that find themselves having to formally respond to Request for Proposals (RFPs), will ...