August 2020 BD and Marketing insights round-up – a digital focus

Ben Paul
September 8, 2020
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

This month we have a little more focus on all things digital. Yes, we will still be covering the usual BD, sales and marketing topics. However, in a world where lockdowns are prevalent and can, in fact, return at any time, there has been an increase in all things digital. Many people are focused on how they can run their business online. This goes well beyond internal communication, to how businesses can maintain direct communication with their clients, and also their prospects.   

In August, of course many articles published focused on COVID, the new normal and ‘pivoting’. That’s why we launched our BD for the New Normal page, which is Directly focused on this.

Below is a mix of the best digital, BD, marketing and sales insights for B2B professionals that we came across, all in one easy place for you to be able to use and enjoy.

Digital focus

How to Maintain Soft Communication and Consistent Touch Points with Your Professional Network by Stefanie Marrone published be JD Supra

This is great from Stefanie Marrone, it gets right to the heart of what’s important. That’s reaching out to your clients and your network to stay relevant, using technology but ensuring that when you do this, you provide value to those you are reaching out to.

What and When to Share on LinkedIn by Bob Woods, Social sales Link

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked this. Well luckily for us all, Bob Woods has analysed the data and has provided you with some great stats to follow. It’s well worth checking this article out after you’ve invested all that time in creating great content.

Law Firm Marketing Trends in 2020, published by Law As A Business LLC.

A simple article that covers all the basics. How to: Optimise your website; have a clear social media strategy; and look at how you can consult online. If you don’t have these in place, it pays to read this short article and follow the advice.

Effective Social Media Ad Copy, published by

Firms are drawn to social media advertising because it is cheap. But is it effective? Without the right ad copy and hooks it certainly won’t be. This short article explains the basics so you can get started with your campaigns.

Differences In Lead Generation Tactics Between Small And Large Companies According To New Study, by Kimberly A. Whitler, Published by Forbes

The stats from this recent UK Study are very compelling. While larger firms use social media to listen to their customers to a greater extent than smaller companies, they are also guilty of sending out a larger proportion of generic promotional/sales emails.  

How to take advantage of Instagram Reels for your business By:, published by Marketing Donut

Instagram isn’t for every business, but for those who do use it this article gives all you need to know to start using Instagram Reels. These allow for the use of short videos, some might say a bit like TikTok!

BD & Marketing

Bid Responsibly: Effectively Partnering with the Sales Team by Josh Ellars, published by

There can be tension between salespeople and, indeed, professionals who want to pursue a bid, and a bid/capture team who, after analysing it, believe it is best not to waste the time and money in responding. This superb article addresses some of those tensions, and also looks at how you can best work through them productively.

Marketing to C-Suite Executive Leadership by Lee Frederiksen, Hinge

This is fantastic. It opens up with a real insight on how sales pitches tend to be received and how good impactful and insightful marketing content can hit home with the C-Suite. Digest this article, put it into practice, and start getting new clients, through clever marketing.

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