September 2020 BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-up

Ben Paul
October 13, 2020
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

This month’s round up needs little introduction from me. Instead, I’ll let the six BD, sales and marketing articles I’ve selected do all the talking. Enjoy the insights from around the world.

How to write an executive B2B sales email that works – revisited by Steve Hall, Managing Director, Executive Sales Coaching Australia.

Steve shares some invaluable tips on how to write effective B2B sales emails. Certainly for larger campaigns, not every email will ever be successful, however, as Steve points out ”You also need to write the email in such a way that it doesn’t annoy people who aren’t in your audience, because it will inevitable reach some of them.” What really sets this article apart is that it not only lays out the best tactics to write an effective B2B sales email, but it also provides a real-life example.

The Case for Empathetic Proposals by Kevin Switaj, CEO of BZ Opportunity Management.

This is simply brilliant, and it really is a key area where your bid responses can stand out from your competitors. Being client centric is, of course, still vitally important. However, being empathetic and understanding your potential buyers’ emotions is even more key. Ultimately all purchases, however complex they are, are ultimately made at an emotional level. Yes, logic plays a part, but emotions are what ultimately get buyers to commit. If you’re in the business of responding to RFPs, read this.

4 ways to build a reputation that retains clients for life by Suzzanne Laidlaw, Business and Executive Coaching.

I like this 4-step approach, it covers the bases really well. I particularly like number 3, “Accept that you won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea.” Knowing which relationships will work well for you and your business, and which won’t, early on in the piece will save you a lot of time. People want authenticity in their relationships, which means that whoever you are, you won’t gel with everyone.

Why you should make LinkedIn your new normal by Karen Tisdell, LinkedIn Profile Writer.

The title says it all. With less face to face time, LinkedIn has really become the B2B social networking platform. More people than ever are using it to have conversations, and also to try and generate leads in the new normal. If you’re new to LinkedIn, or want to improve how you use it effectively, start with this article from the renowned expert Karen Tisdell.

What makes a good explainer video? by Jack Leigh, Eight Engines.

More people are using video and with good reason -it tends to perform really well on social media platforms. However, getting it right is tricky. This short article provides the low-down on how to make a good one. Therefore, if you’re making one yourself, or even using an agency, read this so you have a better understanding of what you’re trying to deliver.

Does that really need to be reduced to an acronym? by Gabrielle Dolan, Speaker, Author, Founder Jargon Free Fridays.

Yes, buzzwords and acronyms are rife in many businesses. If you’ve ever worked in professional services, the three-letter acronym is everywhere. The best I ever heard was a partner in a major accounting firm who, when we were pitching to Cadbury’s, referred to being a big fan of the CDM – which we found out stood for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk!! This was all in good fun of course, but as Gabrielle explains, too many acronyms can be confusing and annoying.

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