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BD for the new normal. Resources to help you succeed.

BD for the new normal will be subtly different to how you approached BD before the global pandemic hit. While the basics of BD, sales and marketing will remain the foundations, what’s built on top will need to be adapted to adjust to a market in a downturn.

B2B and professional services firms need to embrace BD in the new normal quickly

With markets shrinking, at some point most firms will see this reflected in a dip in revenue. This means that maintaining and embracing your current clients will be essential for your firm, or organisation, to survive. You’ll also need to grow your market share, as the size of the market contracts. That means you’ll need to win new work. Which is why The BD Ladder, has created this page, to give you what you need to do BD in the new normal.


A dedicated resource to get insight on BD for the new normal

On this page we’ll share articles and insights to help you thrive in these tough economic times. For those in B2B, and particularly professional services, we’ll provide you with what you need to thrive.  


Latest articles on BD for the new normal

Rainmaker in the new normal - 11 powerful habits to become a rainmaker in the new normal

The 11 powerful daily habits required to be a rainmaker in the new normal.

Being a rainmaker in the new normal probably seems like an almost impossible task. Not only has it become harder to win new work, it is also tougher to have meaningful interactions with your existing clients. For lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, and many others this is a very scary place to be. After all, your clients make up the bulk of your fee base, and as your client contact and work dries up, the worse this gets. However, now is the perfect time to pause, re-assess what you do, and start to re-invigorate how you approach your BD activities.

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Our remote delivery services allow us to work across the globe. However, increasingly it is also an essential way for us to work with our domestic clients. Delivering remotely is what every business is having to do in the current COVID-19 pandemic, and at The BD Ladder, we are no different.

We’ve custom designed our services to be effectively delivered, remotely. Through technology we can deliver all of our services at a time when you really need them.

To find out how we can help you perform your business development effectively, click here to find out more

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