BD and Personal Branding
for Lawyers


Grow your practice and enhance your reputation

With our guide to BD and Personal Branding for Lawyers

For any law firm to be successful they need clients. As we all know, people buy from people, which is why it is essential to have a sustainable process through which you can win and maintain your clients. 

This practical guide provides some essential tips on how to do this at an individual lawyer level. In the modern world, it is vital for any lawyer to understand how to win and maintain their own clients, and also how to develop and grow their own reputation or personal brand.

This simple guide provides an overview on what BD and personal branding for lawyers is, and also gives you some step by step guides to help you build your personal brand and identify and action the BD activities, that will work best for you.

Doing BD and Personal Branding for Lawyers - putting the guides tips into practice
D and Personal Branding for Lawyers eBook

The guide to BD and Personal Branding for Lawyers

The guide contains:

  • What Business Development (BD) for lawyers is
  • What Personal Branding for lawyers is
  • The Top 5 LinkedIn tips for lawyers
  • The top 5 BD activities to grow your revenue
  • The basics of nurturing new clients and keeping them

Download your copy of the guide to BD and Personal Branding for Lawyers


If you want more practical advice on how to effectively market your practice or professional services firm, or on how to effectively respond to an RFP, or on how to build your personal brand, or on all things Business Development & Marketing for B2B and professional services, read our latest articles.


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