The best BD and marketing insights for the new normal.

Ben Paul
August 21, 2020
Business Development

No need for a big introduction here. This post delivers exactly what you expect. The best BD and marketing insights for the new normal. We’ve trawled the internet and below are the best articles we’ve found to provide you with some practical advice to help you fire up your BD & marketing in the current COVID induced recession.

We’ll keep updating this page, so that you have one single source to go to for the best advice. So, bookmark this page to stay on top of the best BD and marketing insights for the new normal.

Our list of the best BD & Marketing insights for the new normal.

3 Ways Customer Relationships Will Change Forever In Light Of COVID-19 by Dr Gero Decker, CEO and Co-Founder, Signavio

The predictions on how big the economic the downturn will be are very sobering. This means it certainly is time to re-evaluate your customer relationships and how you will look after your current clients. This article gives ideas on what you should focus on.

Business Development Return On Investment During New Normal by Henry DeVries, cofounder and CEO of Indie Books International

A look at how to use social media marketing and personal branding in a strategic way, and what ROIs you can realistically expect.

The ‘new normal’ requires a new mindset, by David Rhodes, Boston Consulting Group

As you’d expect from an article published in the Ivey Business Journal, and also from the Boston Consulting Group. This is extensive. The advice to go on the offensive and spend on advertising and marketing amongst most of this article, is spot on.

How to Keep Your Client Relationships Going During COVID-19, by Sue-Ella Prodonovich

This is a simple go-to 5 step playbook for anyone in professional services. Follow Sue-Ella’s excellent advice and you won’t go wrong.

Fortune 500 CEOs on COVID-19 driven business transformation what it means for B2B sales, by Adam Thorp, Julian Midwinter & Associates

The business outlook has changed, and that means when your selling you’re B2B services you’ll need to adapt. In this article, Adam takes you through what the changes are and how salespeople will need to adapt.

Pricing in a pandemic: Navigating the COVID-19 crisis, by Alex Abdelnour, Todd Babbitz, and Stephen Moss, McKinsey & Company.

The pressures on pricing and of customers requesting discounts is increasing daily. For those companies and firms suffering a sharp drop in demand, they rightly point out that “Serving a few bargain-hunting customers at a loss is rarely a route to long-term success.” Read this article and find out better strategies to employ when you’re asked to give a COVID discount.

How to Keep Closing B2B Deals During the Pandemic, by Jeff Winters, Harvard Business Review.

The advice is practical and in line with what we recommend. More than ever, you’re going to have to ramp up your prospecting and build a bigger pipeline. Best of all, is the concept that you should pitch all deals like “you’re pitching to a CFO.”

11 Plays to Get Your Business Back After Covid-19 And The New Normal by Kelly Waffle, Hinge

Some great points here. Follow the 11 steps to understand where you are currently, and what you need to improve. Without giving too much away “Play 3: Make your top draft pick a digital marketing professional” explains some areas most professional services firms will need to address.

Not another COVID-19 article. My first take on marketing professional services in the current climate, by Jim Thompson, OneRabbit

Fantastic article, laced with humour, which we love. Put simply, just sticking ‘COVID’ or ‘new normal’ to a standard article won’t cut it. You still need to write great targeted and relevant content. Read this article to get tips on what that might be.

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