The August 2022 BD Round-Up

Ben Paul
September 29, 2022
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

The August 2022 BD Round-up is jam-packed with the best articles to help with your ongoing BD & marketing efforts.

This month’s articles cover a range of topics from healthy client relationships, and the best ways of attracting new clients, all the way through to having a healthy website.

The August 2022 BD Round-up features 9 articles, so let’s get straight into it.

The August 2022 BD Round-up

6 Tips for Building Trusting Relationships with Customers and Clients by Dr. Allan Colman, Closers Group

6 simple steps to building better client relationships. This is a great article and I’d urge following all 6 steps. I really like the last one, ‘continue adding value after a sale’, as it’s definitely something that is all too often overlooked.

Do You Think You Are A Super Hero? By Neil Philipson, (APMP website)

“Raise your hands those of you who have worked late into the night on a bid recently.” A great question from this article, and most people in all honesty, will have. It’s seen as a badge of honour in bid world, but it really isn’t – and I agree with that sentiment entirely. As the article concludes, focused bidding always beats the scatter-gun go-for everything approach.

Why Mid-Size Service Firm Leadership Teams Need Collective Objectives To Grow by Randy Shattuck, The Shattuck Group

This is brilliant. Annual planning is done by most firms and in most cases, it is just a revisit of last year’s unachieved goals which are then rolled forward. No wonder many who attend are not really engaged. The idea of collective objectives is much more powerful. Read this article to find out more.

6 Ways Speaking Engagements Benefit Your Management Consulting Firm’s Marketing Strategy by Rowena Figueroa, Hinge Marketing

Consistently, research from Hinge Marketing shows that in the world of professional services the form of marketing that generates the highest number of incoming leads is speaking engagements. So, if you want more clients, now the world has opened up getting on the speaking circuit needs to be one of your top priorities.

How Healthy is Your Marketing Department? By Deborah Farone, Farone Advisors

Marketing departments are a key part of all mid and large-sized professional services firms’ success. This article looks at their role with law firms and provides 7 key points to measure the team’s health against. They are also great points on which to look to fill in any gaps as you continue to improve your marketing and BD team.

Craft a Measurable Company Purpose by Graham Kenny, HBR

Company values and purposes. They can be powerful and uniting, or, something that sits on your website and none of your employees can correctly tell you what it is! Yet we know people want to have a purpose, and if everyone in a firm is united behind that purpose, then that firm is more successful. This excellent article will help you create a measurable purpose for your organisation.

Do you really need to do a proposal at this time? By Amy Burton-Bradley, Julian Midwinter & Associates

In my experience, in most cases the answer is no. One more question in the client meeting and you may find you are sending an email to finalise the deal – or just quoting a ball-park price in the meeting. Sending a proposal can sometimes be something that’s done in place of just having a good conversation with your client. Once again, a great read from Amy.

How to fix your biggest website problems [and bring back visitors] By Cara Mastrilli, Precision Marketing Group

The majority of professional services firms invest a great deal in content marketing and ways to attract visitors to their website. But if people leave immediately and don’t return, it means that now is the time to fix some of the reasons behind that. This article is a great starting point to achieve that.

How to Develop Strong Negotiation Skills: Understanding the Eight Different Kinds of Leverage, by Clint Babcock, Sandler

To negotiate you need some leverage. This article unpacks the 8 types of leverage and gives you tips on how to unlock them in a negotiation.

The August 2022 BD Round-up conclusion

Once again, the round-up has covered all the major topics in BD, marketing, and sales. I hope you enjoyed the August 2022 BD Round-up. If you feel we’ve missed any articles or would like yours included in future editions let us know. Elizabeth Petersen will be bringing you next month’s BD Round-up.