The April BD Round-up 2021

Elizabeth Petersen
May 10, 2021
BD, Sales and Marketing insights round-ups

Welcome to the April BD Round-up.

This monthly round-up aims to provide you with a snapshot of some of our quick and informative top reads this month, focusing on tips and tricks covering personal branding; business development in uncertain times; understanding the importance of an impactful and purposeful tagline; why partners in professional services firms do not always ace being salespeople; and insights into “best in class”.

These articles are succinct, easily digestable and no more than a 2-3 minute read.

Enjoy the April BD Round-up!

Stop trying to make your Partners salespeople by Cher Keane Director, Spell Communications

The title says it all!  Cher reiterates why it is pointless to force partners into selling.  They aren’t comfortable with it (it generally makes their skin crawl!), and it isn’t one of their core skills.

I’ve seen this scenario first-hand and the partners literally banished the Head of Business Development and Marketing from the office when it was suggested.  Instead, focus on what they can do well – produce a stellar piece of marketable content that has multiple purposes, and is a good use of everyone’s time.  And of course, not mentioned in the article – track your engagement levels!

Business Development In Unprecedented Times: Trends And Tips, by Deborah Farone, Strategic Marketing and Management Advisor, Farone Advisors

Several great tips from Deborah including: Assess your technology (loved the reference to the “fail cat Zoom lawyer!); Invest in training (a no brainer); Always connect (don’t forget the importance of check-ins, keeping it real and authenticity is key!); Beware of memo fatigue (yawn – another article about the same topic!); and look to other industries for creativity and idea generation.

Creating a Professional Services Tagline, by Joe Pope, Director of Business Development, Hinge

Just do it! Is a good example of an effective tagline.  It is timeless and evocative.

I think that some law firms, in particular, struggle with brand purpose or being able to effectively distinguish or articulate what they should be known or famous for.

I found this a really informative article. 

One Simple Thing That Will Boost Your Credibility, by Roger Dooley, CMO Network

You had me at One Simple Thing..!  An interesting assessment of the science of introductions. 

Key takeway: “Don’t be shy, be intentional.”

Pick up these tips for your personal brand, by Helen Cox, Owner Helen Cox Marketing

In a nutshell, Helen’s article covers these excellent tips:

  • Know yourself – critically: do you know who you are, what you can offer and why will you appeal to your target audience?
  • What do you want to say? – focus on your message, your vision and your beliefs
  • Make sure you are consistent – carry the consistency across your blog, website and social media platforms, and
  • Use videos to bring your brand alive – known to be one of the most personable ways to get your message conveyed. 
If you want to be the Best in Class… Alistair Marshall, Professionals Services BD

At times, I’ve used the term “Best in Class” in submission and proposal documents and I think it is an effective way of communicating the expertise of the practice group or individual you are profiling. 

This article summarises “touch points” in a business context where “Best in Class” should also be considered ranging from the friendliness of your reception staff, facilities, corporate events and seminars, collateral, onboarding of new clients etc.  It is a useful checklist.

Finally, we have a book recommendation this month: Smart Collaboration by Heidi K Gardner.  This is a Washington Post bestseller that explores how professionals and their firms succeed by breaking down silos.  Loving it so far…!  I will provide a summary when I’ve finished reading it.  Stay tuned.

The April BD-Round up Conclusion

I was reminded of the importance of carving out time to read and digest these articles for two key reasons:

  • It helps to clarify what you should stop doing, and start doing, and
  • The benefits of reading material that is well written, practical and easily applied can be a game-changer!

Thanks for reading the April BD Round-up, we look forward to sharing more insights with you next month.

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